FRAGONARD…a very fancy perfume factory.

These are a few of my pictures from Fragonard, remember to scroll across them to know what they are about and what I am doing.  This area of France grows several flowers that are used in perfume. Roses, Jasmine, Lavender and Violets are the most known ones.

Some perfumes use Pine fragrance from Pine trees and Cedar fragrance from Cedar trees. Can you guess where some of those come from?


The Perfume Factory…Fragonard…The Nose

I have several pictures of me at Fragonard the perfume factory in Grasse but I thought this was the most interesting. It is a picture of the laboratory of the NOSE at Fragonard. The job of the NOSE or the perfumer is to create the formulas for fragrances. Now days a NOSE usually has a degree in chemistry as well as the ability to smell exactly. There are about 300 NOSES in the world and most of those are men. A perfume factory has to employ a NOSE so their product smells  the way they want it to.

One quart of pure essence of rose would cost about $25,000. Remember a quart is four cups. It takes about 20,000 pounds of roses to make a quart of pure essence of rose.

Provence…The Medieval Villages


One of our days in France we went to Provence and toured the Medieval villages of the area. The Medieval part of history spans approximately 700 years starting about 800. So I have seen one more thing to add to my knowledge of the 1100s, 1200s, 1300s, 1400s, and 1500s. The beautiful villages of the Provence area of France. Keeping the history of these times straight is hard but you can see from my pictures how different everything was. Some of these pictures I am just in the side of as I wanted to be sure you could see what I could see. Be sure to scroll across the picture, the words that pop up, will tell you about where I was and what I was doing.

On the way home…

We are still having computer problems, even tho back in the States last night nothing is working. We met another FLAT in Paris and have his picture. That was fun. I was mailed home from Paris so watch for me….We will add the France posts as soon as we can. Apparently we need a visit to the apple store genius bar.

Bricks and Ribs

There is an update on the Palazzo Vecchio post on March 29th the picture is now attached. It is a picture of the brick and rib ceiling considered a monument to architecture.  It was constructed in the 13th century. Very amazing when you think about the tools available to the builders of that time period. There were no cranes to lift bricks in place, wooden structures had to be built around everything stone while the masons put the bricks in place. Astonishing, when you think about it.

I learned a lot in Italy…


I  am looking at the Palazzo Vecchio from the rooftop patio at the Uffizi.


Hello….Buon giorno





Michelangelo…. David

Botticelli….The Birth of Venus

Stradivarius ….Musical Instruments


13th Century… Architecture ….  Palazzo Vecchio brick and rib ceiling

14th Century… Painting…The Birth of Venus

15th Century… Sculpture… David

16th Century … Musical Instruments…Stradivarius

17th Century… The Medici were the ruling family of Florence



Be sure to scroll across all my pictures most of them tell what I was doing.

Arriverderci (air-ree-va-dirt-chee) Goodbye…Italy

I thought this picture was really good of me so I want to be sure I send it as my last post from Florence. I was perched on the back of a chair at the Palace. Notice I said the Palace…I am getting used to all this Italian luxury.I am also going to send along a picture of a pig I saw that had been painted in the 15th century. He was at the hem of the Madonna’s dress.Before we leave Italy I remember something else I saw. The night of our dinner with David, we were taken on a tour that included seeing the musical instruments of the Medici Family. The Medici Family were very rich and they ruled Florence from 1430 to 1737. They had four Stradivarius violins and one Stradivarius viola in their collection. I wish I had been on my toes and had my picture taken with the viola that had the Medici coat of arms inlaid in the neck of it. I am sure I will never see a Medici Stradivarius again.

Michelangelo’s David and Me…

We had dinner in the Gallery of the Accademia di Belle Arti with one of the finest pieces of sculpture ever created, Michelangelo’s David.

David was created between 1501 and 1504 when Michelangelo was 25 years old. David was made out of one piece of carrara marble that weighed 18,000 pounds.  The piece of marble was rolled down the hill from the marble quary to the river where it was loaded on a barge and brought to Florence. I don’t know how it got to Michelangelo’s studio from the river, maybe on some sort of a sled. David is 5.17 meters tall or as we in America measure, he is 17’tall. (one foot= 0.3048 meters) He is beyond imagining beautiful. You can see the veins in his hands and the muscles in his legs.

Attached are the pictures of our dinner table in the gallery before they turned on all the lights and after they turned on all the lights.

I think we also have a picture of desert…Yes, we have a picture some really good cream and pudding with raspberry sauce. Served with Italian Champagne…Prosecco.

It is hard to see me in the picture with David but my head is blocking out the left side of the image in the picture that has just David in the light.