About me, Flat Mason

Incase you haven’t had a second grader in your life recently, you probably need a little understanding of what this adventure is all about. The original Flat Stanley is a children’s book written by Jeff Brown in 1964. It is the first book in a series featuring Stanley Lambchop who gets flattened by a bulletin board when it falls on him in the night. In the story Stanley makes the best of being flattened and discovers flatness to be quite handy for several reasons, the greatest of which is, he can be mailed to his friends. For several years second grade teachers have been using a “Flat Stanley Project” to help children learn something about the world around them.  Flat Stanley’s have been mailed everywhere and have been on many learning adventures. I was chosen as substitute friend and family for a second grader named Mason, who has drawn an image of himself and is generously sharing his flattened self with me. These posts are for him.

After being bored for several weeks working in an interior design studio Flat Mason is now folded and paper clipped into my passport and we are off to see the world. Catch you shortly from Europe, but first a quick stop in Washington D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms….keep you posted.


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