It feels like we have walked a million miles and looked at entirely different worlds, which I guess we have. Our first adventure in the Paris area is a visit to Versailles.

Versailles was the Chateau of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Originally a hunting lodge for King Louis XIII, his son Louis XIV, made it into the grand chateau we are viewing today. At one time 3,000 people lived here as the King, Louis XIV wanted to have control of everyone that belonged to his court so he made them all live with him.

I have a lot of pictures of the beautiful, very outrageous, Versailles. Enormous shimmering mirrors and crystal chandeliers sparkle in the Hall of Mirrors. The Hall of Mirrors is located in the center part of the Chateau. This great hall was originally named the “Grande Galerie”. It is 240 feet long and every part of it is beautiful. Many impressive parties were held in this room but history remembers it as the place where the Treaty of Versailles was signed.  The Treaty of Versailles marked the end of World War I.