I thought this picture was really good of me so I want to be sure I send it as my last post from Florence. I was perched on the back of a chair at the Palace. Notice I said the Palace…I am getting used to all this Italian luxury.I am also going to send along a picture of a pig I saw that had been painted in the 15th century. He was at the hem of the Madonna’s dress.Before we leave Italy I remember something else I saw. The night of our dinner with David, we were taken on a tour that included seeing the musical instruments of the Medici Family. The Medici Family were very rich and they ruled Florence from 1430 to 1737. They had four Stradivarius violins and one Stradivarius viola in their collection. I wish I had been on my toes and had my picture taken with the viola that had the Medici coat of arms inlaid in the neck of it. I am sure I will never see a Medici Stradivarius again.