We are far behind on our posts and pictures as we were very busy in Florence and have done many outrageous things.  I am attaching a picture of me on the table at dinner at the  Borghese Palace and a picture of the room. Since I am a guest of Italian government owned television RAI, we are being treated in a fine way. Our dinner was a lot of very delicious round things that came on many beautiful plates which we ate with more silver forks than we even have at home.  A lot for a Flat boy. The room was fit for a King.

I am also attaching a picture of the River Arno and the building across the river from the place where we stayed.

Next should be a picture of a ceiling at the the Uffizi as we could only take a picture in the entry.

There is a picture of me looking at Mimes on the street in Florence. Mimes are people that really hold still. You drop a EURO in the box in front of them.

A EURO is what the money is called they use here and in most of Europe. A EURO is the same as 1.33 dollars, so essentially we gave the mimes $1.33 for having my picture taken with them.

We have pictures of other things which we will post maybe tomorrow.

I am having a great time, and I am looking worse and worse, soon no one will recognize me. I am taking a beating in and out of the passport.