I am busy traveling and don’t have time to post, but should have time tomorrow night.  I am sending two pictures from lunch they are taken at the Palazzo Vecchio. The old palace of the Medici family here close to where we are staying on the River Arno.  (Vecchio means OLD in Italian)  This is the picture we could not attach before, you can see it in the background of the picture of me.  This palace was build in the 13th century, only these walls and ceiling are left from that time period. Notice the crossed ceiling of bricks and ribbing. This ceiling is a monument to architecture.One these pictures is of me the other of the beautiful wall we just don’t have time today for more.

I have been to five Palaces, three museums, two dinners as guests of the Italian government, and tonight we ate with the famous David in the same room. More later from  Flat M. in Florence, Italy. OOPS can’t get the other picture to attach tonight. Will work on that tomorrow. The picture is now attached.