This morning we walked from our hotel to the Uffizi to see the famous painting The Birth of Venus.

From my second grade point of view I would say: …WOW…This painting was was painted 526 years ago and nobody lost it in all that time and…WOW…it is really BIG for a painting and…WOW…Venus needs some clothes. For me that pretty much sums up The Birth of Venus. I did like her boat, a sea shell.

We are very sorry we could not send a picture of this beautiful painting and of me looking at it but the light from the camera’s would eventually damage these priceless paintings.

We sent a postcard of the sculpture gallery, since they would not let us take any pictures inside.

Information and adult observation: Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli, 1486. Tempera on canvas, panel height: 67 7/8 inches by 109 5/8 inches. Stunning.

The Ufizzi holds the most complete collection of Renaissance art in the world.