Cherry blossom birthday cake for our Nations Capital.

Good Grief, there are about a million people here looking at the Cherry Blossoms and talking about them. We heard someone say that President Taft’s wife got the Mayor of Tokyo, Japan to send 3,000 trees to Washington 100 years ago. We think the trees are beautiful.

We were wondering what everybody at home knows about them. So we thought maybe we would play a game and ask….How much do you know about the Cherry Trees in Washington D.C…. Let’s find out.

1. Who gave the first Cherry Trees to Washington in 1912?

2. How many Cherry Trees did the Mayor of Tokyo send to Washington?

3. How many visitors come to Washington each year to see the blossoms?

4. Who was responsible for getting the Mayor of Tokyo to send the 3,000 Cherry Trees to Washington?

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know the answers, we only knew President Taft’s wife wanted the trees, but we couldn’t remember her first name. But if any of these questions come up again…next time you will know.


1. The Mayor of Tokyo

2. 3,000 Cherry Trees

3. One million

4. Helen Taft…The wife of President William Howard Taft